Our Writing Program

Monthly Funding Needed: $1,700.00

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Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers students that have already been identified as at-risk, an opportunity to work with caring mentors to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future. The long-term goal of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is to empower students with the tools and resources to break the habits that are leading them into trouble in school and in the streets.

What Makes Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Different?

Viewed narrowly for our participants, Kingdom Boxing uses writing as therapy to create a passion for writing, and as an extension, reading and learning.  The stories that our participants submit during the program are published in books that are valuable fundraising tools for us.

Students participating in our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program benefit in multiple ways. Unlike other “writing as therapy” type programs, our participants have the opportunity to become published authors, and earn an income based on a self-created marketing strategy with expert advice.  This long-term financial opportunity for them creates a strong desire to continue moving forward, and keep making positive life choices.  Every week, our participants:

• Experience writing as therapy
• Access nutritious meals and snacks
• Create lasting, positive friendships with their mentor creating an ongoing network of support
• Increased proficiency in both reading and writing
• Published their stories, and can promote that skill on every future resume and job application
• Earn royalties based on individual book sales
• Establish strong accomplishments that will help with future entry into colleges and the job market

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has PROVEN to be a very viable, and powerful tool for us here at Kingdom Boxing Youth Outreach, and our participants. Do something different! Use the Contact Form below to join our program, or to sign up as a mentor.


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