Our Programs

Research continues to confirm that to fully develop the attitude, knowledge and skills youth need to make good choices, resist negative peer pressures, and to succeed in life, they need a core set of services, supports, and opportunities. Here are five ways that our programs create opportunities that enhance and strengthen the capacity of our students:

  1. Opportunities for caring, consistent relationships with responsible adult mentors in their community.
  2. Opportunities for positive social and recreational activities with peers and
  3. Opportunities to make positive contributions to their family, their
    neighborhood, and the community and to feel valued for their contribution.
  4. Opportunities to learn and test new skills through participation in a wide range
    of social, cultural, educational, service, and employability activities.
  5. Opportunities to assist in the design and implementation of programs and
    services in which they participate.

Testimonial Vlog from our Mentors in Arkansas:

It all begins with our mentors. Mentors are the backbone of successful programs.  The mentor to student relationship strengthens the engagement that students have with our programs, and can also help us better understand what motivates our students. Click on one of our programs below to learn more, or use the Contact Form to pre-register for one of our programs.

  1. Boxing Program 
  2. Writing Program
  3. Writing Online Program
  4. Street Team Program
  5. Fundraising Program
  6. Mentoring Program
  7. Affiliates Program


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