Kingdom Writer: Talia Arnold

I Once Was Lost by Talia Arnold, Life Inside The Ring

At the age of ten, I witnessed death! I went from being happy to being bitter. My dad passed away from throat cancer, and I went to God and asked Him, “Why?” I know you are not supposed to question God, but I did. I mean, there are all these cancer survivors, and I needed to know “How come he didn’t survive?” I wondered why God didn’t make a way for him to stay alive.

At times, I was wondered if I was just being selfish. From the ages of 11-14, I started to go left instead of right. I lost my mom’s trust. You might as well say that I lost the trust of my whole family. I started to define myself through having sex with different kinds of boys. I put myself out. In school, I started to get called names during my 7th grade year. I lost myself to believing that God didn’t care. I had no faith in myself at all. When I lost my dad …I lost me. I wanted to die! The pain I felt on April 2nd, was indescribable. My dad was my heart, my king and my everything. Well here’s the story.

I was getting ready for school. I was looking through my clothes for something to wear like any regular school day. My brother Byron went into my parents room, and my dad told him to turn on the light so he did. My dad was bleeding like crazy from his throat! So, my brother hurried and woke mama up. Mama woke up and started screaming. I thought the screaming was coming from a TV or something, but clearly it wasn’t! I went to my parent’s room and I saw him laying there.

I was so sad and hurt. I prayed so many times for my daddy to get better, but he didn’t. I felt betrayed. I felt like my praying wasn’t good enough for God. It’s so hard not having my father in my life. It’s even harder learning from a man who is not my father.

I remember when my family used to say that I’m going to be on my back having baby after baby. Then they said I wasn’t gone be nothing at all. That hurts. Especially coming from your own family. Through it all, the one thing I couldn’t stop doing was praying. God, showed me that I was being taught a lesson. God restored me back to my senses, and put faith into my heart once again. I felt found! I feel proud because at the age of 14, I already know what I want to be. God had set my path. I know what college I want to go to. Now I don’t have to say, “I hope.” Now I can say, “I know.” I am truly blessed, because God has changed my heart and mind.

Support Tatlia

Tatlia accessed Writing for the Soul Workshop™ at Kingdom Connections Church in Marianna, Arkansas. Our program developer, TGIM Digital Publishing asked if Kingdom Boxing would stand in the gap as program provider for youth living there. It would require traveling there, and providing ongoing support for the youth. We were honored!

During the workshop, we met some really amazing people. We also learned that they experience the same struggles as our youth here in South Fort Worth. Like the lack of employment opportunities for instance. So when we told them that they could earn money promoting our books if they shared their story, Tatlia agreed.

When you purchase Life Inside The Ring, which includes Tatlia’s story -she earns $3. This will help her to save for college and so much more. During checkout, enter Coupon Code: supporttatlia to save $1 on your purchase. This code also allows us to track her sales so she gets paid.

This Thing Called Life: Life Inside The Ring

Cover With Boarder 300dpiLife doesn’t pull any punches.   From your first breath to your last, there are no “time outs” or “practice runs”; life just goes, hit after hit.  Although our children live in the best country in the world, generational poverty, single parent homes, addiction and violence impact one in every four children.  One out of every 6 children will be impacted by at least three traumatic events in childhood, which we now know will have long-term mental and physical health impacts.

In the short-term, these tough environments mean shorter attention spans, behavioral issues, and “acting out” in an educational environment driven by “zero tolerance policies” that push our kids onto the ropes,  and into a life on the streets or worse.  We have to do better for our future. This Thing Called Life is the first release in the Life Inside The Ring series.

A portion of the proceeds from book sales goes to support Kingdom Boxing & Youth Outreach.

Buy The Book $12.99



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