Write your problems away!

Eight years ago, Vietnam veteran John Mulligan was a homeless “shopping cart soldier” in San Francisco’s North Beach, a man wracked with flashbacks and numbed by post-traumatic stress disorder. But his life took a turn during a veteran’s writing workshop conducted by noted author Maxine Hong Kingston.

Mulligan, now a 51-year-old novelist, left the workshop so elated he was “whistling and skipping.” In the following years, he repeatedly discovered that putting past horrors into words helped clear his mind and lift his spirits. “I had to face my demons,” he says. “I was an empty shell walking around the street, and writing made me feel like I had a soul.”

Dozens of studies have found that most people, from grade-schoolers to nursing-home residents, med students to prisoners, feel happier and healthier after writing about deeply traumatic memories, says James Pennebaker, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Texas and leader or co-leader of many of the studies.

This is one of the many WOW factors associated with our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program. Our writing program let’s youth get what is on the inside out, and then gives them additional opportunity to learn life skills, and develop their sense of entrepreneurial spirit, by selling their own books and earning royalties.

If you are interested in joining our Writing for the Soul Workshop™, use the Contact Form below to register, or for more information email us at workshop@kingdomboxing.org.


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